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Learn about the worlds No.1 On Demand Personal Development Videos for Kids

This  amazing programme

teaches your kids life skill fundamentals that will give them the future they deserve...

Apex4Kids Australia

Personal growth education

disguised as video entertainment

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I'ts finally here...

Everything a parent wants to teach their kids about being the best they can be in an entertaining easy to follow programme made especially for kids...

At around $10 per month (USD $7) for the whole family, it is less than Netflix but the value you and your children will get out of this investment is immeasurable

This is the most entertaining self development learning experience for children as young as 7

Personal Development your kids 

Will Want to Learn

By watching each daily video your children will learn about;

How to take responsibility

Giving up Excuses

Having a Positive Attitude

How to set goals and achieve them

How to stay motivated

Having a daily routine

Regulating emotions

Developing unstoppable confidence

The importance of giving

The importance of exercise and healthy eating

How to put all of these things together to achieve success and the best life

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Our Story with Apex4Kids...

This is what happened to my family when we joined

If you have read my blog titled Is there One Sure Way to Raise Successful Kids, you already have some idea of how much this programme has changed our family and children for the better. 


You will know that I believe the “modern” way of parenting can lead to stressed out parents with entitled children where no one in the family has the optimum situation to achieve success.  Where we spend more time correcting our kids and duplicating requests than we do bonding and enjoying each other.

You will also know that I measure success as being a life of purpose, filled with days of doing the things you love while developing and maintaining strong positive relationships with others.

I have shared with you 7 tangible character and relationship improvements we have achieved from just one of the simple activities in this programme. 

Can learning about responsibility, having a good attitude and self confidence make that much of a difference to your family and bring you all closer to success?


Absolutely!  It is working for my family and thousands more.

So, you can see here how much Apex4Kids has to offer your family and how little it costs but this next bit of information will probably blow you away….

This fantastic personal development programme we are using was actually developed by a teenager, not a child psychologist or other professional, not even a parent. Just a kid who has an amazing ability to communicate and simplify complex personal development strategies in a way that makes it easy and fun for your kids to learn and for you to reinforce.

His name is Caleb Maddix.  A young adult now, who has so much passion for helping children reach their potential his enthusiasm and confidence will make anyone believe they can achieve their version of success regardless of their circumstances or previous challenges.

And don’t think this will just help your kids.  Like myself, I have seen so many testimonials from parents talking about how they have incorporated the Apex4Kids strategies into their own lives to become more focused, less stressed and how they have created better relationships not only within their family but also with others at work or within their community.

I could go on all day about the amazing changes that are happening within my family so if you would like to know this feeling, sign up for Apex4Kids, share the experience with your kids if you can and enjoy watching your children become the kids you know they can be.

The monthly fee you pay to be part of the worlds no. 1 personal development programme for kids is

all inclusive. 


Every member of your family can access the programme at any time which includes;

  1. The Apex4kids daily videos – which can be watched over and over again at your leisure.   

  2. 8 eBooks written by Caleb Maddix  - these books are complete versions of his published books

  3. Access to the Apex4Kids kids facebook group – for kids to share and support each other

  4. Access to the Maddix Parenting Experience facebook group – for parents to share and support each other

  5. On-line support in the form of live chat and e-mail support

The programme steps the learner through one module at a time. Where access to each subsequent module opening up on completion of the preceding module. Each module contains daily videos that are meant to be watch daily but there is no time limit so you can take as long or as little time as you like on each module.


Occasionally we will watch more than one video in a day and we have also taken a weeks break from the videos to focus on reading the books. 


How you work through them is entirely up to you!

What's the Catch?

Sure, this programme is affordable but doesn’t that just mean I will constantly be pushed to “up-grade” or will there be parts of this programme I can’t access unless I pay more?

As far as upgrades go, to date, there are none that I have seen.  Once you are a member everything is free inside the members site.


There are no pop-ups or e-mail sales pitches so your kids will not be motivated to use pester power for Apex4kids upgrades.  But don't be surprised if they do pester you with wanting to join a charity, start exercising or start a business.

If you love manipulating the environment your kids are in to ensure that everything goes their way, you will have no need for a programme that teaches them to take responsibility for their actions and emotions.

If you love monitoring the way they interact with others and love lecturing them on protocols before every outing, you will have no need for a programme that provides your children with a host of strategies on communication and people skills.

If you love the idea of constantly praising your children for simply showing up, never want them to feel the sting of defeat and want their belief in themselves to come from what others think of them, you will have no need for a programme that demonstrates the benefits of hard work and how to take personal control of their own self-esteem and confidence.

This programme has turned my entitled, selfish children into caring, appreciative people in just a few months – I don’t know what that would be worth to you but to me it is worth the world!

Apex4Kids is not for you if...

So you’re like me, you skim to the end and just want to know the bare bones reason why you should invest $10 per month on your kid’s personal development?


Well, how about I give you three reasons why you should NOT allow your kids to join this programme?