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Outdoor - Active - Competitive - Set up required

Pick up some great age appropriate tips for the best Kids Party 3 Legged Race

Indoor - Competitive - Set up required

Everyone loves bingo, it’s a fun game of chance that anyone can win.  Check out tips for a great Kids Party Bingo here!

A fun active game that doesn't need too much space.  Find out how to play with some great tips here!

A great party game for kids that love to explore. Find some great buried treasure party game ides here!

A fun party game that fosters cooperation and communication.  Pick up some great tips on how to get the most of your Kids Party Game here!

Two versions, lots of fun.  Find instructions and ideas for the best Concentration party game here!

Who doesn't love dancing in a chain with their friends.  Check out our tips for the best Kids Party Conga Line here!

Indoor/Outdoor - Active - Competitive - Set up required

This classic carnival game is easy to set up and heaps of fun to play.  Get some great tips here!

Outdoor - Active - Competitive, Non Competitive - Setup required

Have your party guests test their hand eye coordination with a fun game of Kids Croquet.  Find out all you need to know including handy tips here!

Who is faster - The Goose or the Duck?  Find out how to play this fun kids party game here!

Outdoor - Active - Competitive - Some setup required

A fun active game that puts coordination and balance to the test. Follow these steps for a smooth Egg and Spoon Relay Race for your next party

With just a touch of my hand and the sound of my voice – do you know who I am?

Indoor/Outdoor - Active - Competitive - No setup required

From toddlers to teens this game is loved by everyone.  Find how to play and some fun game variations here!

How Low Can You Go?  Find some great tips on how to get the most out of a limbo game for a kids party here!

Get your party guests thinking and active at the same time with this fun party game.  Find out how to play and handy tips here!

A visual spectacular and so much fun.  Find out how to have some fun Maypole Dancing at your party here!

How much can a party full of kids do in one minute?  Find a great list of Minute-to-win-it games and instructions here!

A classic active party game for in or outdoors.  Check out the 5 great variations we have here!

Whether you choose to make it competitive or not kids get great satisfaction out of just completing the course in their own time.  Check out some great kids party obstacle course options here!

A fun party game with almost endless variations that can get your party guests up and active or even just have fun while chilling out.

Indoor/Outdoor - Active, Creative - Competitive - Some setup required

A fun and creative party game that anyone can play.  Grab some printable plane patterns and game options here!

Kids just can’t get enough of dress-ups.  Add a photo to keep and it’s a recipe for success!  Find some great tips on how to have a great kids party photo booth here!

Indoor - Competitive - Little to no up required

How to play and a great 21 question printable

A very funny game that makes for fantastic photo opportunities!

A Classic party game everyone knows.  Find some great tips on how to get the most out of your kids pass the parcel party game here!

Looking for active party games that cools everyone off on a hot summers day?  You can't go past Pass the Water - a game for all ages where getting wet is not optional.  Find instructions and tips here!