Why I hope my kids are regularly bored

I don’t understand how my kids can ever be bored! Like most children nowadays, they have sooo many toys – a whole room full in fact – yet day in day out, I hear the chant “Mum I’m bored”.

Funnily enough, suggestions of clean your room, practice your instrument or you can help me with laundry don’t seem to cut it as viable solutions.

I'm sure they think "I'm bored" is code for "mum, it's time you found me something interesting to do". But I disagree. I may have a part to play in the responsibility of teaching my kids to feed themselves, dress themselves, read books and learn active skills but being responsible for for solving the I'm bored problem is not one I will take on - for their sake!

So how can I help them learn how to both, be at peace with having nothing to do and how to find something to do for themselves?

One way I am trying to do this is to provide them with opportunities to work through their boredom on their own. I try to ensure they have some time every day or at least every week where they have no access to electronics and have no scheduled activities. I ask them to look inward for inspiration to create, read, reflect, play outside or whatever comes to mind.

We have cupboards full of puzzles and crafts and we are lucky to live in a country town where our back yard has a full swing set, trampoline and is even large enough for bike riding.

OK, I may have to sit through numerous made up dance routines and plays, admire misshapen crafts and display awe when they complete a puzzle or a new trick on the trampoline. But,

maybe one day these activities will become automatic and "I'm bored" will be wiped from our family vocabulary forever! (yes, I can dream)

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