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Everyone loves it when their party or event is a topic of conversation among their friends. For kids this is a big deal. Being the center of attention at school for something as universally fun as a party can build confidence and widen social circles.

Would you like to have five ways to prolong the joy of your child’s birthday party with just one small gift? Off course you would and it is this easy….

Our wooden photo frames can do this for you and here is how;

  1. Use them as a craft activity during the party – they come ready to paint/colour and decorate. Adding a personal touch will help the children to form a bond with the frame and take pride in it.

  2. Take photos of each guest with your child. Don’t forget to print them up and place one in each completed photo frame.

  3. Add the finished frames to the party favours

  4. Now your child will have a great memento they can take pride in and see every day

  5. Your guests will also have a great memento that will keep the fun time they had with your child in mind prompting fond memories and conversations in the school yard

This can even work for play dates or other social events and you just can’t have too many photos! With 15 styles to choose from there is a something for everyone – grab the same style for everyone or mix it up for just $2.50 each they are a great investment.

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