Take it Outside

We all know it is better for our kids to be playing and exploring outside than it is for them to be sedentary inside. It’s better for their physical and mental health, it gives them opportunity to play unsupervised and learn new things about themselves. But is it really just their obsession with electronic entertainment or the thousands of other toys and games that most kids now have that is keeping them inside or does some responsibility lie with us?

How comfortable are you with letting your kids play outside unsupervised? Even if you have a large yard of your own or live on a quiet street, can you just let your kids go out and not know exactly where they are or what they are doing?

Well, for me, I do let my kids play unsupervised in our large and fully fenced yard but that is the extent of it. There is no leaving the yard under any circumstances and for good measure I like to let my dogs out with them so there is just no way anyone would even think of walking through the gate into our yard while the kids are unsupervised. It’s not a perfect situation by any means, they can and actually have left our place on their own to “explore” the large grassy drainage area that runs along the side of our street. Is that a “parent fail” for me? I can tell you it felt like it!

So what can we do? The answer is ….. whatever we are comfortable with!

My favourite strategy is to get the kids to do their ordinary inside activities such as crafts or reading outside instead – set up a craft table outside or hang a swing chair. There are plenty of ways to bring the inside out and you can join-in rather than supervise if you have the time.

Pick up some of our Colour and fly Discs to add some creativity to their outdoor play. Even better for a play date or even for party games. Everyone can colour, paint or decorate their discs together and then get active with some fun flying and catching games, see who can fly the furthest or award prizes for the best colouring etc. The discs are very easy to use and weigh only a few grams so they won’t hurt if you catch with your head instead of your hands.

If you have more space or trekking out to a park try the colour and fly kites. These are great for the whole family.

Good luck and let us know how you bring the inside out for your kids?

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