Why my 3yo daughter was tearing our family apart

Every day was a struggle, every day multiple massive tantrums about normal daily life, every day aggressive behaviour and hyperactive outbursts.

This is how we lived with an out of control 3 year old and an almost two year old that wasn’t getting the attention she needed. We tried so many different strategies for dealing with her behaviour and in the brief moments when she was the sweet little girl we knew was inside the remorse and regret in her eyes was devastating for us.

We knew this could not be normal, we knew our family would not survive if life continued like this. My husband diligently googled our problems and found that she may have ADHD and could need medicating, but my heart told me otherwise and I was not about to head down that path if I didn’t have to.

So more google research lead us to the Food Intolerance Network. What a blessing!! Within 12hrs of changing her diet we found our daughter. I tell this story a lot – basically to anyone that will listen – of the morning that changed our lives.

It was a daily ritual for us to drive for one hour to get to work. Both kids in the car so they could attend day care nearby. Usually, that hour was full of “be quiet Miss 3, stop hitting your sister Miss 3, settle down Miss 3 etc” but this first day of her new diet we were past half way when I realised and turned to my husband and said – “we haven’t said be quiet Miss 3 once yet!!!” Could it be this simple? Were we about to have a “normal” family?

Yes we were! I am not saying she is an angel now but at least we can pinpoint where certain behaviours are coming from and overall everyone is much happier.

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