Family Time - can we do it?

Frost Family 2016

Finding the time to spend as a family is almost impossible in my home. The only option for us to Make the Time!

Setting aside time for our kids, for each other, is something that just doesn’t come naturally when you feel like there is so much to do and so little time to get it done, the softer experiences often take second place and can even be totally missed.

Without even discussing it, we both have our little rituals with the kids that we can incorporate into our “have to” tasks. The girls just love it when my husband takes them for rides around our yard on the ride-on mover after he has finished the lawns (blades off). As soon as they hear the mower start they jockey for first position as there is only room for one child at a time, it is also a great one-on-one activity that they get to share with their Dad. I am very fortunate that my at home business is based around kids toys and one of my “have to” tasks is creating advertising videos that my kids just love to participate in. I allow them to select the toy and they almost always create the content of the videos or pictures.

However, for us, organising full family time usually requires allot of pre-planning, finding time in our schedule and often is quite expensive.

So, like any concerned parent I head to Google to find some inspiration on how we can make family time part of our normal routine. These are the five best family time ideas I found;

1. Switch out winding-down time before bed from an individual experience with a book, device or TV, to a family board or card game.

2. Have at least one meal together as a family. Even sitting together at breakfast time if you can’t all have dinner together is a great way to start the day.

3. ​Commit to a weekly family movie night

4. Get involved in your kids extracurricular activities. Volunteer to help or stay to show support whenever you can rather than drop and run

5. ​Be mindful and present when you do have time with your family. Focus on what is happening right now with both the children and adults in your family not what you need to do next or what you didn’t manage to do before. This one seemingly simple (but actually quite difficult) presence of mind will make any limited time you may have with your family much more enjoyable and productive.

my family portrait 2016 by Bat Cat Photography

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