Kids v's Experts - what does the future hold?

Business insider Australia asked a group of 9 to 13 year olds what they thought technology would be like in the future. The list included;

  • Phones in your hand

  • Holographic pictures coming from your hand

  • Computers that are more like robots that have eyes and faces that you can talk to

  • Computers that can sort of read your mind

  • People will be more lazy because robots will do everything

  • An everything chair

While the experts are predicting;

  • Smart contact lenses to replace phones

  • Holographic computers already exist and it is no stretch to see these small enough to display from something the size of a watch

  • Robotic love is a very common prediction with robots so human like they may become the partner of choice for some

  • Artificial Intelligence for everything. There are already computers that allow you to open files just by looking at them

  • Robotics may become advanced enough to replace people in work, home and schools

  • Realistic Virtual Reality and 3D Holographics will be available

While a couple of these predictions are already here, the experts say all of this will be available by the year 2050 – when the toddlers of today are in their 30’s!

My eldest daughter is 29 today, when she was a teen the internet was in it's infancy with regards to social interactions, there were no smart phones and chat rooms were all the rage. When my youngest, now 7 is a teen, which is only 5-10 years away, I doubt she will even have to use a keyboard, and who knows what her first job will be like? For just a short time away I can only imagine what her world will be like and even then my imagination my not be capable of making that guess.

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