WE LOVE GREEN! - for 5yrs and older due to gifts powered by button batteries


Perfect for any kid that wants a Green colour theme party



  • Each Green Colour Theme party bag contains 6 great gifts;


    Three green Water Expanding Dinosaurs - place in water and in a few days your dinosaur is up to three times its original size

    A green Smiley Face Stress Ball - 5cm tall and easy to squish

    A green Punching Balloon - for active play 

    A green Magnetic Gyro Skill Tester - lights up with changing coloured lights when spinning

    Two green finger lights - secured with a silicon band featuring on/off switch for multiple uses

    these lights contain button batteries and should not be used by children under 5

    A green Grasshopper 3D puzzle - easy to assemble and fun to play with 


    All packed into a great Reusable Green Tote Bag 20cm x 15cm x 7cm 

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