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The new generation in Children's Party Favour Bags. 
for active, inquisitive, creative and expressive kids

Is it science or is it Magic!


These party favours are full of amazing magical gifts - no slight of hand required.  Each gift has it's own special magical quality.


Select a tote colour
  • Each Magic Theme party bag contains 5 great gifts;


    A crystal growing tree - amazing science fun - watch as the tree grows colourful crystals magically over a day or so

    A wooden floating ball skill game - how does that ball stay in the air?

    A glow-in-the-dark silicon bracelet with "Party" logo - just a few seconds in the light and this bracelet will glow in the dark!.

    Three magical water expanding dinosaurs - place them in a glass of water and watch them grow up to three times their original size.  Take them out and they shrink down again for repeated magical fun.

    A laser pointer with magical ultraviolet light to uncover invisible ink secrets - also includes torch light

    the laster pointer is powered by button batteries and is not suitable for children under 5years


    All packed into a great Reusable Tote Bag in your choice of 5 great colours - 20cm x 15cm x 7cm