Halloween at Preschool
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The tradition of Halloween has almost completely been adopted by Australia now and has shown our kids just how much fun you can have
when scary meets party.

Halloween 100's and Other spooky gifts



Is there anything more scary than the undead that want to eat your brains?  Well, maybe my kids after they have eaten 160b - but that's another story.
Even though Zombies are pretty scary, they are also super fun - green skin, red eyes, missing limbs and that creepy walk they have.
Here is some great Zombie Party inspiration;
invitation picture100.jpg
Invitation - Nothing says Zombie quite like a severed hand reaching out to get you.  Grab a free printable Zomibe inviation here.
Decoration - No need for subtlety when decorating for your Zombie party theme. Get your blood splatter on and when you think you have enough - just keep going.  Go for splattered table cloths, bloodied hand prints on windows, blood drips down paper cups and blood trails leading to closed doors.    
Food - We all know that zombies really like to eat brains, a severed limb or two will do but brains are the their delicacy.  Unfortunately, I don't think serving your little party guests brains will go down all that well so here are a couple of options they may like; 
  • If you don't have any guests with nut allergies, walnuts naturally look like little brains. 
  • for the skilled sculptor, you can mould a cream cheese based dip into a brain shape
  • create severed finger hot dogs by sculpting fingernails and knuckles into frankfurters.  Add tomato sauce  for a truly gruesome snack.
  • and you can print your own zombie hand cupcake toppers to match your party invitations here
Party Game - Zombies are best known for their appetites and their unique method for getting around, both of which go perfectly with the classic minute-to-win-it game of hanging food.  Kids look allot like zombies with their hands behind their backs and mouths open chasing food on a string.
There are plenty of healthy foods you can use for this game but for a Zombie party, I recommend using rice cakes as they almost already look like brains, it is easy to make a hole in them for hanging and you can add any spread style topping that your guests like.
Best Party Favour - Finish off your party guests creepy look with a pair of our holographic glasses.  They are made with sturdy metal frames and the lenses are real glass
finger hot dog clearpng.png


Thanks to Sesame Street, Monster's Inc and the like, most kids see monsters more as lovable than scary so why wouldn't your child love to have their very own Monster Party?  It's a great theme for the little ones who will delight in the colours, shapes and textures that only monsters can provide.  
Here are some inspiring ideas on how to create your own Monster Theme party;
Invitation - Cover the back of your party invitations in faux fur or felt and allow your birthday child to add googly eyes and paper teeth.  It will be a fun craft exercise to share and will leave your guests in no doubt what your party them is about.​
monster invitation260.png
Decoration - Pretty much anything can be a monster if it has big eyes and teeth.  One of my favourite ways to make a monster decoration is to tie together four or more brightly coloured balloons and at least one white balloon.  Add an eye ball to the white balloon/s and a mouth or teeth to one of the coloured balloons with permanent marker and you will have a pretty funky balloon monster decoration.  Just remember to use balloon clips instead of tying off your balloons so they can be reused.
Food - Although they are almost all sugar, white marshmallows and licorice are both generally colouring and additive free and when they are together, make excellent monster eyeballs.  You can place them on top of fruit jelly cups, put them on toothpicks and stick them to pieces of fruit or throw them into a colourful bowl as a monster treat on their own.
Party Game - Turn your party guests into three legged monsters with a three legged race.  This game is easy to suit to any age group and always fun.
marshmallow eyes.png
photo frame ogre.jpg
Best Party Favour - We have a cute Ogre style wooden photo frame perfect for your monster party theme.  let your guests decorate theirs as a craft activity during the party and print up photos during the party so you can send them home with their own personalised monster memento.

Witches and Wizards

Well let’s face it the most exciting thing about witches and wizards is their magic.  Grab a wand and a pointy hat and you can change the world. Every child probably already has their own idea of what kind of witch or wizard they would like to be so this theme is an easy one to get enthusiastic guest participation – especially if your party is around Halloween.

Here are some fun ways to bring your witch and wizard party to life;

Invitation – How magical would it be to receive a party invitation written in invisible ink?  You can write the whole thing in invisible ink or just one or two important (or secret) parts such as the location and theme or you can make the whole lot visible and add a secret invisible note or picture.  OK, so I guess you think I have lost the plot?  How will your guests read their invitation if it is invisible and how can you write an invisible invitation?  It is easier than you think!

kids party favour

Firstly, the easiest part - any liquid laundry detergent can be used as invisible ink – try to purchase one that is white or very pale in colour so the writing is definitely not visible when it has dried.  Dip a paint brush or cotton bud into your detergent and get writing or, you can purchase an invisible ink pen. 

Secondly, how can your guests read their invitation?  Both your home made invisible ink or the store bought type will be visible under UV light.  You can simply attach a note that the invitation requires a UV light to view or you can supply a UV light with each invitation – luckily for you, our laser pointers also have a torch light and a UV light and you can buy them here right now.

Imagine how excited your party guests will be after receiving an invitation written in invisible ink and a magical laser pointer before the party has even started!

Decorations – Lots of black for your Witch Theme party.  Black balloons, pointy black party hats and plenty of black streamers will do nicely.  Top it off with your own A4 sized printable witchy silhouettes here.

kids party favours

Food – Broomsticks are a popular witch themed food.  You can make them out of cheese and pretzels, cookie dough or even pasty but the cutest ones I found are the bagged pretzels with pencil broomstick.

kids part favours

Just place a handful of short pretzel sticks and one normal length pencil into a small clear bag (approximately 5cm wide),


Arrange them so the pencil is in the middle


Tie off the bag at the top of the pretzels with a ribbon or piece of string. 


All done!

Party Game – If you are looking to get your little witches and wizards active while using their amazing magical powers, go for a game of Stuck in the Mud. To bring the fantasy to life, tell your “IT” player they have the magical power to render their opponents “stuck in the mud” with just a touch, you could also give them some kind of wand to achieve this with – just make sure your wand won’t hurt anyone. Use something like a large feather, magical fluffy ball etc.  The remaining players have the ability to break the spell by crawling under the legs of the stuck person. 

charm bracelet clear200.png

Best party favour – All witches know the power of charms, our beautiful charm bracelets are the perfect favour for your little girl party guests.  For your wizards,  pick up a Crystal Blossom Tree that magically grows coloured crystals before your eyes.

blossom tree clear150.png

Supernatural Hunter


The supernatural world is the scariest place of all, full of ghosts, werewolves, deamons, vampires, banshees, cyclops and many more.  Those brave souls that hunt them down to keep the rest of us safe are the heroes of the supernatural world.

If your child has no fear and loves the idea of fighting off those scary supernatural creatures a Supernatural Hunter themed birthday party is for you.

werewolf190-2024126_1280 copy_edited-1.j

Invitation – Let your party guests know from the start that your party is taking them to the world of the Supernatural Hunter.  Be specific on your invitation about where and when but also let them know if they should dress up for your theme. 


Click on the invitation icon to download your very own PDF copy of our original Supernatural Hunter party invitation.

invitation icon175_edited-1.jpg

Decoration – The Supernatural Hunter’s life is spent mostly in the dark when the supernatural come out to prey so your decorating will be mostly black with some blood red thrown in for effect.


Balloons always offer the greatest impact for party decorations.  You can add to a black and red balloon display by hand drawing supernatural hunting symbols onto white or grey balloons and hang them in bunches around your party room. Below are some examples you can use.

kids party favours
kids party favours

Other than guns, knives and axes (which you wouldn’t really want at a child’s birthday party), there are a few basic tools a supernatural hunter has to have and those include bags of salt, wooden stakes, religious crosses/beads/bible, holy water, hex bags and demon traps.

Set your party table up with as many of these things as you can.  Add labels to small water bottles to create holy water, wrap some herbs in hessian fabric to create hex bags, make up some salt satchels with small zip lock bags and throw in a few wooden stakes, crosses, rosary beads and bibles to finish off the effect.

Healthy Themed Party Food – Pentagrams and crosses are the most iconic symbols of the Supernatural Hunters world and incorporating these into your party food will reinforce your party theme and add interest to your party cuisine.

kids party favours
kids party favour

This pentagram pizza is courtesy of Sizzle Pie USA and the Cross vege plate is by DeLynn BusHouse-Williams

Best Party Game – Wink Murder is a fantastic game for your Supernatural Hunter party. Watch your party guests get knocked off one by one as the Hunter tries to identify the Reaper before it’s too late!


We have instructions and a Free printable Supernatural Hunter themed version available on our Wink Murder page

kids party favours

Best Party Favour – All good Supernatural Hunters need tattoos and lots of them.  Our Celtic style tattoos are just perfect for protecting the wearer from demonic possession and are easily removed when it’s time to go back to civilian life.

Spooky Theme Party Games

No party is complete without party games.  Check out our Tips Games and More Page for great game instructions, ideas and printables

Some party games that are perfect for spooky themes include;

Floating Food - Minute to win it - Zombie Theme
3 Legged Race - Monster Theme
Stuck in the Mud - Witches and Wizards
Wink Murder - Supernatural Hunter Theme